SQL Database Recovery Tutorials

How SQL Database Repair Software Works ?

Here we will discuss the working functionality of SQL Database Recovery Software.

Step 1 Launch SQL database recovery - .MDF Repair Software.

Step 2 Click the Select file button to select the damaged or corrupt .mdf file. The window to select the corrupt file will be displayed.

Step 3 Click Open.

Step 4 Click the Recover button to start the process of repairing the corrupt .mdf file.

The recovered data is displayed :

SQL database displays Summary of the recovered data on the left-hand side of the window. The name of the Table, Number of Rows, and Number of Columns are displayed in the Summary window.

Step 5 Click Go to Save button to start the process of saving the recovered data. The saving process will start :

As the saving process gets complete, the following screen will be displayed :

Step 6 Click the link on the screen or click the Open button to view the recovered data.

SQL database recovery creates a folder at your defined location with the name of your corrupt file with date and time of repairing of the file. For example, in this case the name of the folder is : Recovered Maurya.mdf 22-Jan-07 18.56.58

The recovered folder will look like this :

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